Here, I will blog.  Basically, I hope to follow in the tradition of The Monkey Cage, Brendan NyhanEnik Rising, Mischiefs of Faction, and others to use my expertise in political communication and public opinion to occasionally post about journalism and politics from the social science perspective.  I will not be as regular of a contributor to the marketplace of ideas as those fine folks, but I’ll be around. 

10/31/2014: 7 Strategies for Teaching Student Journalists to Cover Midterm Elections (for PBS MediaShift)

10/21/2014: What do the polls really tell us about the governor’s race in Wisconsin?

10/14/2014: A Conversation about the Acceptance Journeys Project (on WORT’s “A Public Affair”)

9/12/2014: A Conversation about Predisposed: Liberals, Conservatives, and the Biology of Political Differences (on WORT’s “A Public Affair”)

9/11/2014: 9 Things the Best Political Reporters Do (for PBS MediaShift)

9/2/2014: Does Democracy Work? (written for On Wisconsin magazine)

7/16/2014: Back in the Saddle Again

2/28/2104: On Studying Things

12/31/2013: Hey, I’m on C-SPAN

12/3/2013: All the News About “the Center” That’s Fit to Print

11/27/2013: Why Journalists Need Math: Knockout Edition

11/14/2013: Hey, We’re Featured on The Dish

11/13/2013: A Response to “Your Genes Influence Your Political Views. So What?”

11/8/2013: The State of the Parties: Epilogue

11/6/2013: The State of the Parties: Preview

11/1/2013: Friendships, Constraints, and Incentives in Politics: What to Cover?

5/2/2013: Gnomes, Lanterns, and Sorkin: Oh My!

12/7/2012: Fiscal Cliff Coverage: The Game? It Doesn’t Have to Be

11/7/2012: What’s Next? Two Suggestions for Post-Election News Coverage

10/16/2012: Should Professors Who Donate Commentate?

10/3/2012: Not News, Not Journalism, Not Anything of Value

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