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Here are some stories in which I serve as a source for the political news media, stories featuring my research, and some stories about me


Covid-19 app connects Wisconsinites to latest resources, updates (WKOW-27)

UW team launches new website, app with COVID-19 resoures (Capital Times)

New website and app help navigate COVID-19 pandemic (NBC 15)

UW Madison launches new, free Covid-19 resource (TMJ4-Milwaukee)

UW-Madison launches free Covid-19 app (WBAY-TV Green Bay)


Take Back Our Presidential Debates (Isthmus)

Real Voting Equality (Scholars Strategy Network)

When are readers likely to believe a fact-check? (Brookings Instituion, TechStream)

Wisconsin is scheduled to vote today. How will the pandemic affect turnout?(Washington Post’s The Monkey Cage)

What Makes Wisconsin Swing? (Vox)

UW Communication and Civic Renewal Research Team: Wisconsinites want nonpartisan redistricting, voice for political minorities (Capital Times)

It’s up to the People to Save Wisconsin Democracy (

One Year Later, Who Do Trump Voters Trust? (Vox)

UW Trains Students for Life, Not Jobs (Wisconsin State Journal)

The Deal on the Art. . .of Covering Donald Trump: 10 Strategies for Journalists (for the Center for Journalism Ethics and PBS Media Shift)

7 Strategies for Teaching Student Journalists to Cover Midterm Elections (for PBS MediaShift)

9 Things the Best Political Reporters Do (for PBS MediaShift)

Does Democracy Work? (On Wisconsin alumni magazine)

A Better Way to Redistrict (Lincoln Journal Star)


UW Team Receives $5 Million Award to Continue Research on Misinformation Correction

9 Ways to talk to Friends and Family Who Share Misinformation Online (Washington Post)

How Could I Ever Love Michigan State? (New York Times)

Wisconsin: Ground zero of America’s battle against vaccine hesitancy (The Guardian)

US Fact-Checking in the 2020 Elections- live panel interview on (The Stream, Al Jazeera English)

Trump voters loom large in the mind of Wisconsin voters (WisPolitics)

“He’s paying attention to people like us” Trump’s Message Resonates in Wisconsin (The Guardian)

23,000 absentee ballots were rejected by Wisconsin in April. That’s more than he won by in 2016. (ABC News)

Polls Show Strong Support For Stay-At-Home Measures As Opponents Protest Guidelines At State Capitol (Central Time)

Coronavirus pandemic deal’s another blow to Wisconsin’s newspapers

What Wisconsin Voters Can Learn On Super Tuesday (WISC-TV)

The Wisconsin State Supreme Court Candidate Forum (I moderated the event, sponsored by the American Constitution Society)

Feature: Mike Wagner (Indiana University Poltical Science Newsletter)

Are Politicians Not Trusting Voters? (Matter of Fact with Soledad O’Brien)

Elections expert: Wisconsin power grab is “a textbook example of how democracies die” (Salon)

From lame duck lawmakers, hardball politics or undermining democracy? (Christian Science Monitor)

WI GOP curbs power of incoming Dems (The Hill)

Political Scientist Says Actions at Wisconsin Capitol Threaten Democracy (WORT)

Inside Scott Walker’s Survival Plan (Time)

Just the Facts (UW-Madison College of Letters and Science about The Observatory)

Which Members of Congress Get the Most Coverage? (Journalist’s Resource)

Donald Trump’s Political Stew (New York Times)

Professor’s Research about When We Stop Talking Politics (Here and Now, WPT)

Capacity Crowd Turns Out for UW Debate Watch Party (WKOW-TV)

Forecasting the First Presidential Debate (Here and Now, WPT)

Why Trump is Complaining About the Debates (Vox)

Bernie Sanders Could Win Wisconsin. But What Matters is By How Much (Vox)

Politics in Wisconsin Since Act 10 (Central Time, WPR)

Wagner Analyzes Upcoming GOP Debate (WKOW-TV)

Media Bias in Presidential Primary Debates (Central Time, WPR – 20 minutes in)

Reaction swift at UW-Madison to bill seeking to revoke campus gun ban (Cap Times)

What Donald Trump Gets About the Electorate (Vox)

PACE lab explores biology behind politics (Badger Herald)

Mike Wagner analyzes the midterm elections (Wisconsin Public Television’s Here and Now)

Wagner to Moderate Democratic Candidate Debate for Wisconsin Attorney General

The Center Cannot Hold (New York Times)

True Moderates are Rare (The Dish)

The Radical Center That Somehow Never Rises (Pacific Standard)

Wagner wins university wide distinguished teaching award 2012

InsideUW: America’s partisan divide not as simple as it seems

Story Announcing My Selection as an Academic Star

Science blog on redistricting article with Jon Winburn

Wagner, Asarta Named Outstanding Educator of the Year 2009

Story About my UCARE project with UNL Marshall Scholar Zach Smith

Coverage of my Elections, Political Parties, and Special Interests Students Election Survey of the UNL Campus

More Coverage of the UNL Election Study, 2011

Even more coverage of the UNL Election Study, 2011

The 2010 Study from POLS 230


Many in the Wisconsin GOP drop ‘stop the steal’ talk, play up inflation, crime (Wisconsin Watch)

Media Coverage of the WI Governor’s Race (WPR, The Morning Show)

As immigration debate rages, Scott Walker is not weighing in (Wisconsin State Journal)

EMILY’s list back Kelda Roys in Wisconsin governor’s race (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Journalism Experts Discuss Trump and the Media (Capital City Sunday, WKOW)

How Donald Trump’s Comments about a Gold Star Family Could Impact the 2016 Race (Central Time, WPR)

Possible Impact if Paul Ryan Steps Away from Republican Convention (WKOW-TV)

Donald Trump’s Surge Fuels Push for Paul Ryan (Capital Times)

Progressive Politics on the Comeback in Wisconsin? (Madison Magazine)

Trump Succeeding Despite GOP Backlash (WPT’s Here and Now)

UW Professor Analyzes Democratic Presidential Debate (WPT’s Here and Now)

What Now? Scott Walker Returns to Wisconsin After Failing on the National Stage (Capital Times)

4 Ways the Senate Race is Different This Time (Post-Crescent)

Professor Michael Wagner Analyzes Trump, Walker Campaign (WPT’s Here and Now)

A Field Guide to Scott Walker’s Vocal Tics (Capital Times)

Media Coverage of the 2016 Presidential Primaries (WPR’s Joy Cardin Show)

Wagner Discusses Walker’s Presidential Ambitions (WPT’s Here and Now)

Number Saying They Are ‘Proud to be an American’ in Decline (Vice)

GOP Presidential Hopefuls to Pope: Stop Talking Climate Change (US News and World Report)

Scott Walker is pushing candidate boundaries (Capital Times)

Wagner on Walker Poll Results and Possible 2016 Run (WPT’s Here and Now)

Scott Walker’s time: The governor is running for president. Can he win? (Capital Times)

For Scott Walker, A Consistent Approach Under Tough Questioning (New York Times)

Is Network News Dead? (Joy Cardin Show on WPR)

Republican Scott Walker Wins Hard Fought Wisconsin Election (Washington Post)

Elections are Referendums on State Economies (Financial Times)

WPR on the Gubernatorial Polls

Wisconsin Ad Wars

Walker, Burke Make Closing Arugments (WKOW-TV)

Walker, Burke Debate (

Voter ID Awareness Turns to Social Media (WPR)

Political Campaigns Turn Social Media (WISC-TV)

High Profile Visitors Put Wisconsin Into the National Spotlight (WKOW)

For Scott Walker, NPR no Match for Mob-Making Mentality of Talk Radio (Wisconsin State Journal)

Web Stream of me Moderating the 2014 Democratic Primary Debate in the WI Attorney General Race on WORT

Will August primaries decrease turnout and increase partisanship? (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

Will national media’s attention to Mary Burke give her a boost over Scott Walker? (

WPR Central Time Segment on Media Mergers

Mary Burke touts Trek success in carefully crafted video launch for Wisconsin gubernatorial run

4 Years After Fiery Town Halls, Activists Try To Revive Spark (NPR)

The Joy Cardin Show (WPR) on Rolling Stone’s Cover of the Alleged Boston Marathon Bomber

Pravda: Hillary Clinton Returns to the White House? (in Slovak)

InsideUW: America’s partisan divide not as simple as it seems

The Cap Times: Campaigns’ control of media gets heavy-handed on election night

The Joy Cardin Shows  on Wisconsin Public Radio: hour long program discussing newspaper endorsements

CNN: GOP Sees Good News in Census

Gannett Story: Obama maintains edge among Badger State donors

Washington Examiner: Biden to Wisconsin: ‘we need you’

Gannett Story: Campaigns bombard ad-weary Wisconsinites

Washington Examiner Voter frustration with Obama puts Wisconsin in play

News 27 TV Story in Madison about Campaign Ad Spending

New York Times Kerrey Won’t Run for Nebraska Senate

New York Times Kerrey Weighs Return to Nebraska and Senate

NPR Kerrey Faces Uphill  Climb in Nebraska

CNN – Three Things to Watch in Tuesday’s Races

AP – NU Regent Hassebrook to Seek Nebraska Senate

Boston Globe on Ben Nelson’s Retirement

Experts Weigh In on Post-Debate Rally 

Campus groups gear up for election


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