Here are some recent, and perhaps a few not-so-recent, syllabi from courses I teach.


J/P 829: Political Communication (Spring, 2020) 

J801: Mass Communication and the Individual (Spring, 2021)

J880: Physiology and Communication Effects (Spring 2015)


J201: Introduction to Mass Communication (Spring, 2021)

J202: Mass Media Practices (Fall, 2017)

J335: Principles and Practices and Reporting (Fall, 2022)

J401: In-Depth Reporting (Spring, 2017)

J404: Interpretation of Contemporary Affairs (opinion writing)

J475: The Observatory: Fact-Checking and Explanatory Reporting (Fall, 2016)

J618: Mass Communication and Political Behavior (Fall, 2016)

J676: Media Bias and Political Behavior (Spring 2016)

My Writing About Teaching/Stories About My Teaching

My Writing

Wagner, Michael W. Instructor’s Manual for American Politics Today, 3rd edition (and “Essentials” edition). 2013.W.W. Norton and Company.

Wagner, Michael W. Instructor’s Manual for American Politics Today, 2nd edition 2011.W.W. Norton and Company.

7 Strategies for Teaching Student Journalists to Cover Midterm Elections (for PBS MediaShift)

9 Things the Best Political Reporters Do (for PBS MediaShift)

Stories About My Teaching

2019 Distinguished Teaching Awards Announced

Ten faculty honored with distinguished teaching awards

Wagner wins university wide distinguished teaching award 2012

InsideUW: America’s partisan divide not as simple as it seems

Story Announcing My Selection as an Academic Star

Wagner, Asarta Named Outstanding Educator of the Year 2009

Story About my UCARE project with UNL Marshall Scholar Zach Smith

Coverage of my Elections, Political Parties, and Special Interests Students Election Survey of the UNL Campus

More Coverage of the UNL Election Study, 2011

Even more coverage of the UNL Election Study, 2011

The 2010 Study from POLS 230v

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